Our bands are amazing for busy parents. They were originally invented as a breast pumping accessory. However, we quickly realized how useful they are for all types of things!


  • breast milk or formula alarms when it needs to be used or stored. (More on this)

  • bottles of pain medication alarm when it's time for another dose (great when alternating for pain/fever  management)

  • antibiotics or other prescription meds alarm when they need to be taken

  • pedialyte alarms when it needs to be tossed

  • insulin or epinephrine alarms when it is too hot

  • sunscreen alarms when its time to reapply

  • toothpaste alarms to remind your child to brush their teeth

  • so many more!

Care providers (nannies/daycares)

  • Can provide information on usable time of milk/formula (eliminate the morning list)

  • remind nanny/teacher when to give meds

  • can be programed to display child's name for identification of items

Because you can monitor and manage the bands from your mobile device they are especially helpful outside of the home.
  • A daycare or preschool can easily manage multiple bottles for different children on the same app.
  • A school nurse can use the bands as a secondary reminder to administer different medications to students through out the day. Each band is identified in the app for easy use and the actual bottle will alarm!
  • The smart bands are also great for hospital settings when parents have to provide pumped breast milk to their babies. The band will not only identify your baby's milk, but let you know how much usable time is available, and the temperature of the milk.

Household use:

  • bottles or containers of food perishables

  • pet care (remind a walker to give meds)

  • chore reminders (water the plants; feed the fish)

  • temperature sensitive items (make-up, paints, etc)

  • wine bottles (display will show temperature and how long before you should throw it away)