Benefits of using the smart bands?

•Medication stays in the Rx container. Reduces dosing errors and pill confusion.

•Caretakers can monitor and manage medication from remote locations.

•The physical bottle alarms eliminating the risk of taking the wrong medication.

•Monitors temperature as well as time.

•One time purchase. No monthly monitoring fee.

•Easy to use app setup with a tutorial.

•Bands are usable without a smart device.

•They can be used on any container when

not in use for medication.

How can you use the smart bands?
  • Each bottle of daily medication alarms when it's time for your dose.
  • Creams or ointments will alarm when application is needed.
  • Insulin or temperature sensitive meds will alarm if they are too hot or too cold.
  • Can be used as a reminder to do healthcare tasks (take blood sugar/blood pressure).
  • Can be set to alert you when to refill prescriptions.
  • Reminder alarms are sent if band is not reset.