We are so excited to introduce you to a life with less chaos! Our goal at WileyRoo is to create products that make caregiving, and life, easier. Let our smart bands make your life easier by turning your containers into smart containers. They remember the things you forget! Here is an example of how you might use a smart band.

* photos show our first version  prototype

Fit a variety of containers

Our bands are stretchy so they can fit around containers of many different shapes and sizes. They fit small prescription bottles and large jars or bottles. The bands will also fit around soft containers (think ziplock bags or breast milk storage bags).

Created to be durable

The bands are refrigerator and freezer safe, so they can easily be used for cold items. They are water-resistant, so you can wipe them off with water for cleaning. A charger is included so you simply recharge the bands when the low battery warning appears- no need to replace batteries.

Each band fits around the container and alarms and flashes when the time expires. No more confusion! When your vitamin bottle alarms and flashes simpley pick it up, take the pill, press restart. It will alarm when you need to take the next dose.

WileyRoo's custom app makes it very easy to manage your bands. Our tutorial helps to fully customize your settings for your personal use. You can add users, create custom alarms ("take your Lyrica now, Joe"), set inventory lists, and much more! Our app enhances your use, but the bands are still completely functional without it.  

The app is easy to use

Each container alarms

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